Dedicated to the Conservation and Wise Resource Management of the Bay Islands

By joining BICA and becoming an active member here and abroad. Membership fees are important as they cover operational expenses and priority programs.

Currently we are not set up to take contributions over the internet. When you are in Roatan, you can join BICA at the Carambola Botanical Gardens across from Anthony's Key Resort in Sandy Bay

There are many ways that our volunteers can help!

--Write and/or design press releases, materials for our community outreach program. Our parrot Coloring Book and Turtle Project Book were all done by wonderful volunteers.

--If you are here during the rainy season, you can help us monitor the flow of sediment in our creeks during rainy season. Qualitative surveys are implemented to identify critical areas (creeks) sedimenting our coastal areas specifically in the Marine Park (Sandy Bay, West End and West Bay). Considering the amount of development activities that have taken place on the entire islands we are hoping to extend this survey to other communities for which we are in dire need of volunteers, donations, transportation and hire needed staff.

--"Adopt" a program of your choice - turtle monitoring, beach cleanup, school outreach or reforestation.

--Hold a fundraiser for BICA. Funds are desperately needed to implement our educational, environmental protection, and monitoring programs.


Not everyone can volunteer to help. But If each of us will do our part in our everyday lives, each small act can add up to very powerful change.

Here are some stories our friends and visitors have told me about the small actions they take that make a big difference.

"John" saw a recycling bin in West End, so every morning before he jogs he collects a sack of plastic bottles from the ground and deposits them in the recycling bin. Now the street on West End is just a little bit cleaner when John is around!

"Mary", a frequent visitor to Roatan, takes all her used batteries back to the states where they can be disposed of properly.

"Gus" saw a cruise ship visitor standing on the reef and told him about how destructive this was. The visitor was shocked and promised to tell the other passengers what he had learned. The reef is just a little bit safer because of Gus.

"Gustavo" saw mangroves being cut as his touring boat drove past a cove. He took some pictures and reported it to BICA. A cease-and-desist order was entered and the beach is safer because of it.

"Charles and Harriet" were on a snorkling trip and were dismayed when the boat driver carelessly tossed the anchor over the side. They asked him to please only use the mooring bouys instead. When they were told there weren't any in the area, they volunteered the $ __ to pay for one in the future. Now everyone can enjoy the snorkling in that area without anchors damaging the reef.